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Natural beauty secrets...

AURI bridge the ancient Moroccan hamam secrets with yogic traditions, infusing them with a modern, sustainable Scandinavian approach to skincare and haircare.

From the enchanting Atlas Mountains to the historic Argan valleys, we have harnessed the power of natural ingredients to create high-performance oils and skin and hair care products.

Our 100% natural formulations provide moisture, protection, radiance, and a profound sense of well-being, sourced straight from Mother Earth to you.

Experience the beauty of sustainable, ancient secrets combined with the effectiveness of natural ingredients that nourish your soul and protect your glow. At AURI copenhagen, we care about your well-being and transform beauty drop by drop.

Our story - Ancient and sustainable beauty secrets

  • Organic facial oil


    “AURI’s facial oil has become a regular and essential part of my morning and evening routine. My skin has gone from red and irritated to clean, smooth and glowing. ”

    — Lykke Andersen, Copenhagen

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  • Organic clay mask & facial oil


    “The cold and dry winter air is harsh on my face, but AURI's amazing clay mask does the work combined with the facial oil, both keep my delicate skin healthy and nicely moisturized. The facial oil has also reduced the amount of pigment changes in my forehead that came with my
    recent pregnancy.”

    - Helle Plagborg, Skanderborg

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  • Organic hair, lash & Brow oil & facial oil


    "I love using the AURI’s Organic Oils! I use The hair oil to soften my hair
    and add extra moisture to my lengths. I also mix a few drops of the facial oil to my foundation for an extra glowy, healthy looking finish!

    — Michelle Lerchedahl, Copenhagen

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  • ECO-COSMOS Certified

  • Cruelty free

  • Female empowerment and women owned business

  • Supporting Moroccan female cooperatives

  • Locally produced in Morocco with local botanicals

  • Plant-based & no artificial chemistry

Female Empowerment, Handcraft & Entrepreneurship

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