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Problems with dry skin and dull hair?

If so, then continue reading. We are here to help you with your problems in the all-natural way!

We find that many people suffer from dry skin and hair due to climate change, pollution, lifestyle changes, changing seasons, air conditioning, cabin air and other environments.

AURI COPENHAGEN offers premium organic skin and hair care products that care in depth, restore balance, protect, enrich and enhance your natural beauty.

Based on ancient methods and the use of the nourishing, pure and organic argan oil, AURI COPENHAGEN has reinvented the Moroccan oil and well-preserved beauty secret that has been handed down from generation to generation for centuries.

Pure organic argan oil is our basic ingredient, due to its unique composition of vitamins and omega 3, 6 and 9, which makes it a super fruit/nut and which really makes a difference to your skin and hair care as well as well-being.

We have over 20 years of skin care experience from our own clinic.

Our products are simple and straightforward. We take pride in being ECOCERT certified, natural and easy to use for both women and men.

AURI COPENHAGEN uses the superpowers of high-performance oils (eg pure argan and cactus fig oil) and organic ingredients to enhance your own natural beauty.

We only choose nature's finest quality oils in our products to ensure you the best results.

Take care of yourself - Wecare.

Lillian Schmidtsdorff, M'Barka Daoudi & Pernille Frost



Psst..! Can you keep a secret?

The sacred argan tree grows around the Atlas Mountains in Morocco and is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Each tree can live up to 300 years old, and its scientific name is Argania Spinosa, which is derived from the Moroccan word argan.

The fruit of the tree is broad, with a thick bitter shell, surrounded by a sweet-smelling shell containing a small, oily superseed. For centuries, the wisdom of the 'Moroccan beauty secret' has been passed down from generation to generation among women.

Handpicked and (hand) processed by Moroccan women's cooperatives. We are proud to support centuries-old craftsmanship, local development, growth and female empowerment.


Only the local women pick and collect the argan fruits from the ground and take them back to their villages. In the villages, the fruit's nuts are processed and dried naturally under the setting sun. According to an old hand-made grinding process, the women press the pure argan oil out of the seeds to ensure the best possible quality. After the oil has been pressed, it is filtered from all impurities and residues. The process leaves a 100% pure organic, healing and vitamin-filled argan oil.

We have further developed the ancient wisdom of the exclusive organic argan oil and created a series of products specially designed to nourish, care and protect your hair, skin and beard.


The sacred and healing argan fruits have oily seeds filled with nourishing vitamin E and omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids that balance your skin and hair and bring out your natural beauty.

ECOCERT-Cosmo certification

All our oils are ECO certified, which guarantees you:

  • Environmentally friendly production and processing processes that also respect human health.
  • Development of the concept of green chemicals
  • Responsible use of natural resources
  • Respect for biodiversity
  • Absence of petrochemical ingredients (except approved preservatives): parabens, phenoxyethanol, perfume and synthetic dyes
  • Absence of GMOs
  • Recyclable packaging