That's why Argan is the ultimate skin, hair, beard and aftershave oil for men!

That's why Argan is the ultimate skin, hair, beard and aftershave oil for men!

Skin, hair and beard care products for men are developing rapidly and the market is booming with creams, serums and oils. It is very different from man to man, how much time and money you have to spend on your "beauty rituals". What to choose? And why can't you just get an all-in-one solution for skin, hair and beard? The answer you are looking for is argan oil and in this blog post we have gathered everything about argan oil for you. Enjoy!

Why is argan oil so good for men?

Many men often ignore their skin and hair types and don't pay much attention to skin/hair products - perhaps they borrow some of their partner's products.
Argan oil is the perfect oil for men because it is suitable for all skin and hair types. It contains natural nourishing, soothing vitamins and antioxidants that are safe for all skin types.
Argan oil adds a lot of moisture to your skin, hair and beard. The oil protects and repairs your cells against premature ageing, damage from free radicals and the sun's UV rays. In addition, argan oil can treat acne, psoriasis and eczema.
Especially during puberty, many young men experience problems in maintaining healthy skin and struggle with acne problems due to hormonal fluctuations - argan oil is the ideal solution to alleviate the problem. The oil goes in with its strong antiseptic properties by fighting the bacteria and reducing inflammation (pimples). At the same time, argan oil adds a lot of natural moisture and strengthens the skin's barrier, which is important to take care of. The oil penetrates well and balances your skin.
For the slightly older generation trying to avoid premature aging, argan oil is a magical oil as it is protective against sun and environmental damage.
The reason can be found in the unique composition of vitamin E, vitamin F and sterols:
  • Vitamin F consists of essential fatty acids: linolenic acid (omega 3) and linoleic acid (omega 6). Vitamin F is used in the body to create, repair and stimulate new and damaged tissue.
  • Vitamin E, also known as Alpha Tocopherol, fights free radicals and makes the skin more resistant. The content of vitamin E in raw argan oil fluctuates between 600 and 700 mg/kg tocopherols.
  • Sterols are rarely found in vegetable oils. They are specific to the Sapotaceae family to which the Moroccan argan tree belongs. Sterols improve cutaneous circulation, protect against UV and reduce skin ageing.

Argan oil strengthens hair roots and stimulates hair growth?

As mentioned before, argan oil is very rich in vitamin E, which penetrates and fixes and creates tissue in the body. The process stimulates hair growth and can reduce hair loss, which can for example be caused by skin/scalp diseases such as eczema and psoriasis.

Argan oil is a good and natural alternative to styling products filled with chemicals, alcohol and fragrances that dry and damage skin and hair. These can be particularly harmful to men if they tend to lose their hair. Argan oil acts as an in-depth treatment for hair, beard and scalp.

Why is Argan oil the best aftershave and beard oil?

Whether you're going for a smooth and shaved look or a full-grown beard, either way it's important to care for your beard and shaved skin with nourishing care products.

Frequent shaving is hard on the skin and requires lots of moisture and care. Therefore, argan oil is again ideal for you, as it adds a lot of moisture after shaving and strengthens the skin with nourishing vitamins. It is also anti-inflammatory, which disinfects and protects against infections while preventing the formation of scars.

The organic 3-in-1 oil for your hair, beard and aftershave

Our organic hair, aftershave and beard oil has been developed for the modern man who wants an all-in-one product that works. Whether you are shaved or have a beard, short or long hair, you can use our organic oil, which helps you with healthy hair, skin and beard.

In addition to the rich Argan Oil, we have added Castor Oil (Castor Oil) and Nigella Oil to give you the perfect super high performance oil.

  • Castor oil/ Castor oil adds more shine and moisture. Increases hair growth and improves blood circulation in the scalp. Castor oil ensures better nutrition for the hair follicles and gives a healthier scalp. The oil is also rich in antioxidants that support keratin in the hair.
  • Nigella oil is also effective against unhealthy skin and moisturizes dry skin. The oil fights hair loss and prevents gray hair. It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that can be used as a cure for scalp infections and also help repair damaged skin.

Use our organic hair, beard & aftershave oil after shaving or for styling your beard/hair. Remember to always warm the oil in your hands to activate it. Massage the oil around your face, beard or scalp. For the best effect, use the oil in the beard or on the scalp before going to bed as a night treatment. Enjoy!

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