What is the Moroccan secret?

What is the Moroccan secret?


Perhaps you are already familiar with the golden miracle oil. Either from the health shop or from your holiday in Morocco. Argan oil goes by many nicknames; The Moroccan miracle oil, the Moroccan gold or the liquid gold.

The reason is because of its unique composition of vitamins E, F, linoleic acid, oleic acid and omega 3, 6 and 9, which make argan oil a super oil (if we may say so). It is healthy for your skin, hair, body and can be used by men and women - all skin and hair types. It's worth its weight in gold for your skin and hair!

If you are trying to avoid premature aging or feel your skin is out of balance, then Argan oil is worth its weight in gold for you. It protects you from sun and environmental damage, while adding intense moisture to your skin.

Argan oil is extremely rich in antioxidants and has powerful antiseptic properties that help kill bacteria and reduce inflammation like acne and other skin conditions.

The secret is found in Argan oil's unique composition, which consists of the following:

  • Vitamin E, also known as Alpha Tocopherol, fights free radicals and makes the skin more resistant. The content of vitamin E in raw argan oil fluctuates between 600 and 700 mg/kg tocopherols.
  • Vitamin F consists of two essential fatty acids: linolenic acid (omega 3) and linoleic acid (omega 6). Vitamin F is used in the body to create, repair and stimulate new and damaged tissue.
  • Sterols are rarely found in vegetable oils. They are specific to the Sapotaceae family to which the Moroccan argan tree belongs. Sterols improve cutaneous circulation, protect against UV rays and slow down skin aging.


    The argan tree - a life-giving tree

    In Latin, the Argan tree is called Argania Spinosa and is part of the "tree family" Sapotaceae. The tree grows in Morocco, Mexico and a few places in Algeria, but the Argan tree only bears fruit in Morocco.

    Why the tree only bears fruit in Morocco is unknown and a unique value for the country. The tree resembles an olive tree in many ways, however Argan oil has three times more moisturizing properties compared to olive oil.

    You can call the argan tree the sacred tree of Morocco and it can be up to 300 years old. For millions of years, the argan tree has been rooted in the harsh desert of Morocco. There, the Argan tree grew wild and was an important part of Morocco's ecosystem, as both a food source and timber for humans and animals as they crossed the desert.

    Unfortunately, as Morocco's population increased, the number of argan trees declined. Therefore, the tree was protected in 1999 and is now on UNESCO's list of protected tree species. Since then, a stop has been initiated against the felling of the trees and the Moroccan government started planting a lot of new baby argan trees.

    Today, the argan tree or argan oil is a very important export product for Morocco, due to the good properties of the argan oil for cosmetic use, which have been discovered. Today, argan oil is very popular all over the world and especially in the West.




    How argan oil is extracted

    If you've been on holiday in Morocco and passed by one of the countless markets, you couldn't miss seeing Moroccan women sitting at a large stone mill extracting argan oil from argan kernels. This ancient method has been used by Berber women for centuries. It is a women's craft, and the process is hard, extensive and time-consuming. During the harvest of the argan fruits, it is mainly the women who go out and collect the argan fruits from the ground. The argan fruits are then dried so that the flesh can be peeled/sorted out to get into the argan nut itself.

    The nut is traditionally cracked and peeled with a stone in one hand, and the argan nut lying on a larger stone. Wupti - with a hard and precise blow, the argan kernel itself emerges.

    The argan kernels are then collected and sorted, which can be used for cosmetic (cold-pressed) or culinary (roasted) use. The women either sell the argan kernels to a local producer or have them pressed and sell the oil on the market.

    The process from argan nuts to the argan oil often takes place in women's cooperatives, where local women have organized themselves and lead the entire process. AURI COPENHAGEN is proud to support this development and collaborate with a local women's cooperative, as we believe it is important to support local development and in particular female empowerment and entrepreneurship.

    Effective hair treatment against dandruff and eczema on the scalp

    If you suffer from dandruff or eczema or, at worst, scalp psoriasis, Argan oil can help alleviate your problem. Scalp conditions and irritation can be caused by commercial styling products such as waxes, hair sprays and other hair products as these are often loaded with chemicals that dry out your scalp and clog it with oxidation. If you experience problems with the scalp, start a 2-3 week hair/scalp treatment where you focus on:

    1. Wash your hair and scalp with a neutral shampoo (don't wash your hair every day but every three days).
    2. Activate the argan oil in your hands by rubbing your hands together.
    3. Add the oil to the hair and scalp - 1 time per day for 2-3 weeks for best results.

    We suggest you do this treatment in the evening before you go to bed for optimal overnight treatment. Remember that it is at night when you sleep that your body rebuilds all our cells.

    Try our organic hair range consisting of hair oil for women or Beard/Hair oil for men. 

    Argan as face oil and body oil

    Without bragging too much about Argan oil, most beauty experts AGREE that Argan oil is one of the best and most effective face and body oils on the market.

    The reason why is found in the oil's unique composition with its high content of essential fatty acids, which are also known for the body's own vitamins, which strengthen the skin's barrier and create a natural balance. The high content of antioxidants in Argan oil protects the skin against free radicals, pollution and UV rays.

    Moisture is essential for beautiful and healthy skin. We can't say it enough: MOISTURE, MOISTURE, MOISTURE and more MOISTURE! Argan oil retains moisture in the skin, while making your skin smooth, strong, firm, beautiful and soft.

    Argan oil is suitable for all skin types and is quickly absorbed into the skin without feeling greasy. Depending on your skin type and skin problems, the oil may work differently on you, for some it takes longer for the effect to show.

    The oil has a beneficial effect on scars, pigment defects, wound healing and skin diseases such as Acne, Eczema and Psoriasis. To combat these diseases, use argan oil every day for a period of 2-3 weeks and use a gentle cleansing, without chemicals, while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

    The reason you experience oily skin is because your skin is out of balance. And what does that mean? You have probably tried, like most others with acne problems (blackheads, pimples, impurities – to a greater or lesser extent), skin care products that dry the surface. At first it feels like the perfect solution, but in the long run the problem just keeps coming back. The reason is that the surface is dried out, and this activates your sebum production further. There is an imbalance and Argan Oil can help restore balance with its cleansing, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, while providing your skin with plenty of moisture.

    If you do not experience results, seek advice and guidance from a professional beautician or doctor.

    Important: Use neutral cleansing products for your face and cleanse it morning and evening. Then finish with argan oil and gently massage it in circular and upward motions on your face or body. You can easily use Argan oil as an alternative to your moisturizer or as a supplement. Add a few drops of argan oil to your favorite moisturizer.

    The oil is also good under your foundation and concealer as it doesn't darken/tone your makeup to any extent as other oils darken. The argan oil keeps your makeup fresh all day.

    Try our organic and certified skin care range face and body oil with beneficial unique oils rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants, all of which create balance and rebuild your skin as well as protect it. Also try our Organic Body Butter for dry skin. 

    Argan as beard oil

    Whether you are shaved or have a full beard, Argan oil has many beneficial properties for your beard and skin. Shaving every day can be very harsh on your skin and cause irritation.

    If you just let your beard grow and don't moisturize it, your beard and skin can become itchy, red, and prone to breakouts.

    Argan oil boosts a lot of nourishing vitamins (E) that activates hair follicles, balances, soothes and nourishes your skin with moisture, to avoid itching and pimples.

    The oil repairs and protects your cells against premature ageing, damage from free radicals and the sun's UV rays. In addition, argan oil has a healing effect on acne, psoriasis and eczema.

    Try our organic beard, hair and aftershave oil, which is packed with vitamins and antioxidants from three unique oils (argan, castor and nigella). The oil nourishes, strengthens and balances the skin, hair and scalp.

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